Established in 1961, the Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) is comprised of Federal agencies in the greater Puget Sound area. It is headed by a Chair and Vice Chair, each elected annually. A Policy Committee (a/k/a Board Officers) constitutes the remainder of the decision making entities of the Board. The remaining two aspects of the Board are its General Membership which encompass approximately 174 Federal agencies and 4 Committees/Working Groups.

Chair of Seattle Federal Executive Board 2021

Jennifer Watson –  Department of Treasury

Acting Vice-Chair of Seattle Federal Executive Board

Chaun Benjamin – General Services Administration

Officers FY2021

Michael Look – US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Michelle Pirzadeh – Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Director

Diana de Forest

We plan to vote on new Board Officers at the November 16, 2021 SFEB Annual Meeting.  Members of the Executive Leadership Committee with questions should contact the Executive Director at