Name: Elizabeth Cannon

Year(s) you were in SFEB Associates program: 2016-2017

Current job title: Director, EEOC Seattle Field Office

 1. What first drew you to the Seattle Federal Executive Board Associates Program?

This program came highly recommended by a supervisor who was an alum.  When I researched the program, I was impressed by the inter-governmental aspect, the high caliber advisors, and the opportunity to improve my leadership skills.    

2. What was your SFEB project?

The projects during my time as an associate were: “Youth in Government” which was to inspire and empower Seattle-area youth to pursue careers in the federal government and “Breaking the Chain” which was a networking and resource fair for providers, federal, state and local agencies working in the field of reentry for previously incarcerated individuals.

3. What impacted your career from the SFEB Associates Program the most?

It is hard to identify just one aspect of the SFEB Associates program that has impacted my career.  There is the impeccable advice I received from the advisors, the networking with associates, sharpening my project management skills, and practicing leadership skills which have all had significant impact on my career.

4. Describe a peak experience or “high point” you have had as a leader in the Federal Government a time when you felt engaged, excited and energized about your involvement.

  • What was happening?  What were you doing?  What were others doing?
  • What made it a great experience?
  • What made it possible?
  • How did it affect you going forward?

Peak experiences for me as a leader, is mentoring and developing staff and seeing them grow and achieve their career goals; thereby, contributing significantly to the office and the mission of the agency. This was made possible by having great supervisors and leaders who supported me and showed me what a true leader is and what I should strive to be.

4. Without being modest, what is it that you most value about yourself as a leader or supervisor?

I believe I inspire staff to continuously learn, grow and develop their skills.

5. What is the nature of your involvement empowering leaders in your workplace and community?

As a leader in my Agency, I actively work to prepare staff to be the potential leaders of tomorrow. I provide opportunities for staff to contribute creative and innovative ideas on how best to accomplish the mission and encourage autonomy in completing their work.

6. What keeps you committed to Federal Service?

The mission- to prevent and remedy unlawful employment discrimination and advance equal opportunity for all in the workplace.  The work of the agency is incredibly impactful in bettering employment for everyone. What are three wishes you have to enhance the health and vitality of our federal leadership community?

To have the resources for cultivating all potential leaders, to increase collaboration and partnerships with federal/state & local governments and the community, and to increase diversity/inclusion in the federal government. 

7. What’s next for you as a leader?

Continuing the great work of the Seattle Office.