The Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) Associates Program is a cohort-based leadership
development program that features a year-long group project initiated and led by Associates.
The project is designed to meet the following four criteria:

1. Contributes to Associate leadership and learning
2. Adds value to the federal community
3. Adds value to the wider community
4. Feasible within the Program’s resources

The 2021 project was selected through a consensus-based decision-making process in which
15 project proposals were evaluated by the Associates. The Associates decided to focus on
furthering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) awareness and implementation efforts within the
federal workforce. With four interactive sessions making up the October 2021 DEI event, the
project traced a DEI arc that began with an evaluation of personal competencies and allyship
(Session 1); an examination of systemic challenges in the DEI space (Session 2); a discussion
of federal employee DEI groups and their fit within progress (Session 3); and a collaborative
forum for sharing DEI improvements in federal outreach, recruitment, and hiring efforts (Session

Across all sessions, the Associates gathered helpful material and resources. This toolbox
represents the outcome of those efforts—a compendium of helpful DEI resources for federal
employees and managers to reference and use in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion
efforts across their agencies.
Click Here for Toolbox –> SFEB DEI Toolbox
Click here for the Report –> SFEB_Associates_2021 Project Report